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Sterling Silver and Gold filled Chains
Chains in Sterling Silver and Gold filled just for you

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Jewelry base
New Jewelry bases for bracelet and rings

Jewelry Base

French Ear Wire
Highest-quality French Ear Wire in Gold filled and Sterling Silver

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Bezel cups and settings for cabochons and swarovski stones
Find Bezel cups for your stone

New Arrivals
  1. 10469.jpg
    sku: #10469
    1 pc / pkg
    As low as $3.40
  2. 10366B.jpg
    sku: #10366B
    10 pc / pkg
    Brass Crown Bezel cups 6mm with 2 loops for bracelet
    As low as $0.92 per pc
    As low as $9.25
  3. 10332B.jpg
    sku: #10332-8B
    3 pc / pkg
    Brass Crown Round Bezel Ring 6mm Size 8US
    As low as $1.75 per pc
    As low as $5.25
  4. 950186-956335s-sterling-silver-925-round-crown-bezel-cup-post-earrings-8mm.jpg
    sku: #950186-956335S
    1 pair / pkg
    Sterling Silver 925 Round Crown Bezel Cup post Earrings 8mm
    As low as $11.70 per pair

Best Sellers
  1. 4770s-sterling-silver-925-crimp-end-cap-id-0.7mm-with-1-loop.jpg
    sku: #4770S
    12 pc / pkg
    Sterling Silver 925 Crimp End Cap ID 0.7mm with 1 loop
    As low as $0.66 per pc
    As low as $7.87
  2. 27982799S.jpg
    sku: #2798+2799S
    1 set / pkg
    Sterling Silver 925 Leaves and Flowers Hook and Eye Clasp 25x10mm
    As low as $6.15 per set
    As low as $6.15
  3. 957107-gold-filled-round-bezel-earring-post-settings-5mm.jpg
    sku: #957107+950687
    4 pc / pkg
    As low as $11.48
  4. 1000009.jpg
    sku: #1000009
    100 pc / pkg
    Gold filled Round Seamless Spacers Beads 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm
    As low as $0.07 per pc
    As low as $6.80

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